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Chances are, we do it...
In any given type of industry, there's always more to do than meets the eye. Can we do it even if it's not listed. Probably yes! Give us a call to find out.

Did someone say countertops and cabinets?
Among upgrades, we install a variety of things including your basics to appliances...
We provide full service to all our properties...

Do you have an occupied unit?
Put a stop to your worries about occupied units. Whether it be renewals, repairs, or at the request of the resident, The Rock carefully handles these request with care. We take care of your residents!

The Trick's in the Tools
Ever wonder why some people succeed at a given task better than others. The secret may be in the tools. We utilize the best tools for the job. It never pays to use the cheapest tools on your property. We spend a great deal of time, effort, and not to mention money on providing you with top of the line equipment when painting. The quality shows the difference.

Tree Services too!


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